Thursday, June 23, 2011

Come on in and make yourself comfortable!

Hi! I find it hard to believe anyone other than me will ever actually read this, but I do feel like I should introduce myself.

I tend to think of myself a full-time mom, but I also have a PhD and a part-time career. It’s complicated. I’m devoted to my kids and husband, but I’m learning to take care of myself too, partly by spending time on the “home arts”—cooking, gardening, decorating, sewing.

I’m a native Southerner, born and raised in Arkansas. It took a lot of years away from here for me to come to terms with this place, at least enough to come back to make it home again. For better or worse, we have our own way of doing things down here, from the way we talk to the way we cook. It gives the South an unmistakable personality and sense of place.

I still struggle against some of the old ways of thinking and doing, but I treasure the legacies that I’ve been able to keep. Contradictions and conflicts abound. They keep me thinking and questioning. I’m still trying to figure it out, and that helps keep life interesting.

I think I'll be back to share projects, recipes, musings, and (occasional) rants. We'll just see where this takes us.

Nice to meet you. Hope you come back soon!

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