Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bless your heart, Larry’s Shell!

I dropped off my darling teenaged son (and a few others) at camp near Oklahoma City, which meant I had the pleasure of spending 5 or 6 hours alone on I-40 to get back home.

In these situations, I highly recommend the NPR locator app, which will keep you set for public radio until you get sick of it, and that’s when you pull out the David Sedaris CDs. They’re good for at least a couple of hours of hilarity.

On this particular trip, I had not planned ahead and preloaded the appropriate CDs, so I pulled off the interstate to get gas and lunch and to pop in the Sedaris.

Little did I know what good fortune was waiting at the end of the off-ramp.

I pulled into Larry’s Shell. I turned off the engine and, as I reached for the door handle, a face appeared at my window. I could tell by the dirty Shell uniform that it was a station attendant (I’m pretty smart).

When I opened the door to see what he wanted, he asked me if he could fill ‘er up. He saw me looking around to check if I had pulled up to a full-service pump, and he said, 
“We pump gas for ladies here. It don’t cost extra.”

Hallelujah! What nice Southern manners.

FYI: Exit 5 on I-40, Van Buren, Arkansas

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