Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't let the heat get you down

The oppressive heat and full-on drought have ruled my summer. I keep wondering why the summer is flying by, and the answer seems to be that I’ve been hiding in the air conditioning instead of getting out and enjoying the fun of summer.

After supper last night, in spite of the heat, my handsome and talented love sat down on the patio to play his guitar. I went out there with him to have a popsicle and try to ignore the heat for a few minutes. At first, Little One didn’t want to join us, but he changed his mind when he saw me lying in the hammock.

So there we were, lying under the oak tree, eating our popsicles, being serenaded, all with a heat index of about 102 degrees. 
And it was so nice!

Occasionally there was even a breeze—a nice, cool one.

As we swayed in the hammock, with his sweaty little head resting on my arm, we talked about the shapes we saw in the clouds. I saw a jet trail, but Little One saw a snake. And a clump of moss. Then we both saw a porcupine.

We listened to the guitar, layered with sounds of the “summer bugs” and the trickling fountain. And we watched the birds. We saw a hummingbird flitting around. Little One even saw a bald eagle (I guess there’s some slim possibility that’s what it really was).

We stayed there past Little One’s bedtime, enjoying the sweltering summer evening. 
It IS possible to be hot and content at the same time.

That’s what I’ve been missing lately. 

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