Friday, July 8, 2011

Watering the garden doesn't have to suck

It’s only rained once since May. I’ve lived placed where this is normal, but it’s not normal here. Our landscaping is not designed for life in the dessert, and my plants are thirsty!

We do not have the luxury of a built-in sprinkler system. I am the sprinkler system.

Most years, by about the middle of August, it gets to be dry, and I have to water through about the middle of September. I dread dragging the hoses back and forth
across our nice big lot, but it's usually only for a relatively short time.

But this year I started watering on a regular basis at the beginning of June, and I imagine it will continue through the rest of the summer. That means I’m going to spend a lot of time this summer with hoses and sprinklers and watering wands. Which kind of sucks.

When there's something I'm I’m taking this opportunity to practice patience, acceptance, and what I’m calling “watering meditation.”

Why not? I think of it as a variation of Buddhist walking meditation. While I’m watering, I try to be present in each moment and listen to the bugs and birds, notice the smells of wet dirt or herbs or flowers. I try to see the plants without getting caught up in whether or not they’re meeting my expectations. I try to feel the heat without hating it.

Just observing and experiencing, without grasping for some future ideal, without judgment of the present, without impatience for this task that keeps me from other things. Life is what’s happening every moment, and my job is to remember to be present and experience it. 

Joy follows.

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