Monday, August 15, 2011

Vintage heaven in Athens, Georgia

When I was in Athens for my cousin's wedding, I had the great pleasure of some really good vintage shopping. He had the gall to get married at 4:00 in the afternoon ;), which did not leave me with a lot of shopping time, but I made the most of it!
You know I love old stuff (see Other people's old stuff is COOL). So when I saw the ad for Agora
a vintage shop in walking distanceI knew how I would be spending my limited shopping time. I must say, it was quite the jackpot. The place is huge, and it's one of those stores that's actually a collection of booths rented out by various vendors of old stuff. That means lots of variety. It's also a little dark, which really adds to the sense of adventure when you're winding through the mazes of shelving, racks, and odd pieces of furniture, searching for that treasure disguised as an ugly hunk of junk.

Agora specializes in mid-century American (translation: 50's-ish, extending into the early 70's). This is perfect for a college town like Athens because it really lends itself to college hipster clothing and apartment kitsch. Also good to keep in mind: retail business in Athens is slow in the summer (since it's a college town), so prices were slashed and VERY negotiable. BONUS.
OK, the angry anime doll IS creepy. And maybe the clowns are too, now that I think about it, but sometimes creepy can be interesting. You know that bunny would be so cute on your dresser. I bet that clock is electric (as in, must be plugged in), which means the second hand doesn't twitch.

My sweetie picked up a very random and obscure LP. I got a fabulous little purse. It's white vinyl with this sort of mother-of-pearl look. The strap is removable, so it makes an awesome clutch. (I took it to the wedding. Perfect combo with my black-and-white striped Nicole Miller dress!) 

They have GREAT vintage jewelry, and lots of it. I didn't buy any (because I was having consumer guilt), but would you look at those rings!

The main reason I felt too guilty to buy jewelry was because I had already decided that I HAD to have this two-foot tall 1960's red glass vase (I guess that's what you'd call it).
Pictures do not do it justice! At least, my pictures don't.

You should have seen me toting this monster around the streets of Athens. 
This is what I LOVE about vintage pieces: you will never see anything like this in any regular retail shop. When you place it in the right context, it becomes updated and stylish. And totally one of a kind.

If you're more interested in vintage clothes (than vintage stuff), you will ADORE Minx, just up the street from Agora. Check out the selection of boots. The Tony Lama's on the right (back row) were only $65! And already broken in. Sadly, not my size. I tried to get my sweetie to try them on, but he wasn't feeling it. (He's funny about things like wearing used shoes.)

He DID pick up a great vintage shirt though. If I'd had time for trying on (curse that afternoon wedding!), I know I would not have walked away empty-handed. Loved the light blue Betty Draper house dress (below), and so much more...

Maybe you'll have the good fortune to find yourself in Athens looking for something to do with an hour or two. If I'm ever back there, I know just where to go.

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